Building Christians Up From The Foundation & Unto Perfection

Hebrews 6:1-3

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How to Change Your Life

Bible Studies For A Better Life

The Bible says, "Taste and see that God is good." Jesus offers you salvation and life eternal with Him instead of a place called the lake of fire. But, Jesus doesn't just give you eternal life. He offers life more abundant!

Life more abundant isn't just a life that's full of time. It's a life full of promise, blessing, and joy,... Even in the middle of suffering.

Your life, marriage, finances, and even your health can suffer if you don't do what the Bible says! I want to help you find healing in every area of your life by showing you what God has to say about it.

Christianity 101

Bible Studies Online

Christians should be able to teach what they believe. But, too many of us still get confused with the basic doctrines of the Bible. Questions about faith, salvation, Bible authority, the use of spiritual gifts, end times, and even God Himself divide us into denominational lines.

To find the answers, sometimes we have to do some heavy searching. But, we should all be able to arrive at the same truth. So, if you are curious about what the Bible says, without any denominational spin, then see if we have a study on it. If we don't, please feel free to contact us to ask about it.

Preaching Videos

Sermon Videos

Watch Jason Evans as he delivers the word of God in a passionate and easy to understand way. Through the use of preaching, teaching, and even a bit of storytelling you will be able to see and understand things like never before.

These videos are not just lectures. They are an invitation to let the Holy Spirit do His work in your heart, as you listen to His word being preached. From this comes faith, and from faith comes a changed life and life eternal.

So pull up a chair and lend your ears to hear the message given by God, through one of His servants.

Study the Bible Online with Us

On The Line Ministries delivers the word of God through free online Bible studies to those who are not able to join with others for whatever reason. I hope to strengthen Christians in the faith by providing solid, Biblical teaching.

My goal is to preach the word of God without fear of denominational persecution and without compromise. I want to equip you with a solid grasp of the word of God. So strong of an understanding, in fact, that you can teach and make disciples for Jesus yourself!

Since Christian Bible schools are not endorsed by the government these Bible courses are not accredited. I do not offer a diploma, degree, or certificate for these courses. But, I believe having a solid, Biblical understanding is worth far more than any approval of men. Let your endorsement be your faith and wisdom as you serve our Father.

So take what you will learn here to those around you. The world, and the church, need strong Christians taking their light into the dark.

A Message from the Pastor


Our online Bible studies are open to being tested with the scriptures. So you can find solid truth that you can stand on.


We believe Jesus came to save, not to destroy. We will do our best to do the same thing.


By giving you the truth, we want to set you free.


Most importantly … you will grow closer to the living God.

Giving Praise

There has never been anyone like my God. There will never be anyone like my God. I love Him, I love Him, I love Him!


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