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Hebrews 6:1-3

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Christianity 101 Unit 1: The Bible and Faith in God Paperback $13.95 OR get the E-Book $2.58

This is the first in a series of Christianity 101 studies. Each of the basic and foundational doctrines of Christianity as listed in the book of Hebrews 6:1-3 will be covered through the series of Bible studies. This unit’s focus is on having faith in God, and understanding the Bible.

Beginning with the question of God’s existence this will explain a number of mysteries, falsehoods, and misunderstood beliefs about God and the Bible.

Here are a few of the questions you will find answered in this Christianity 101 Unit 1 book.

Does God exist?
How can we know which one is the right God?
Who wrote the Bible?
Can we trust the Bible?
Why are there so many different translations?
How can we know which one is best to use?
Where did they all come from?
What are the devices of Satan?
How can we be a strong witness?
How can we properly understand the Bible?
What about contradictions?
What and who is the trinity?


Christianity 101 Unit 2: Sin and Eternal Judgment Paperback $13.95 OR get the E-Book $2.58

This is the second book in our Christianity 101 Bible studies. In this book the topics of sin, death, and eternal judgment are explained. Some of the questions answered in this book include:

What is sin?
Why did God put the tree of knowledge in the garden?
What is death?
What happens after we die?
Is Hell really a literal place of eternal torment?
What is Hell like?
Are we born already guilty of sin?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Does punishment in Hell really fit the crime?
How is the New Testament different from the Old?
Did Jesus sin by healing on the Sabbath?


Christianity 101 Unit 3: Repentance and Salvation Paperback $13.95 OR get the E-Book $2.58

Finally, the third book of the Christianity 101 series! After books one and two you have heard the bad news. Hell is real, and we are all going there. BUT, there is also GOOD NEWS! The Gospel (good news) is that we can be saved from Hell. So in this third book of the series we explain how Jesus will save us, and what our role is in the whole thing.

Some of the questions answered include:

What has Jesus done to save us?
Is the plan of salvation different now than it was in the Old Testament?
Do we have a part to play in our salvation?
What does it mean to have faith?
What is real repentance?
When do we actually get “saved?”
What does it mean to be born again?
Why do I still sin?
Can you lose salvation?
What is the unforgivable sin?
Is there a purpose for baptism?


Christianity 101 Unit 4 & 5: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit & The Laying on of Hands Paperback $17.95 OR get the E-Book $2.58

Units 4 and 5 of the Christianity 101 series dives into the subjects of the Holy Spirit and the laying on of hands. There are so few who really understand the work, power, and gifts of the Holy Spirit. While the Bible should always be our ultimate source of understanding, God has also given teachers to help guide us. That is what this entire series is. It is only a guide to aid in our understanding.

Some of the questions that this book answers includes:

Who is the Holy Ghost?
What is the seal of the Holy Ghost?
How does the voice of God sound?
What makes someone a prophet?
How does the Holy Spirit work?
When are you baptized in the Holy Ghost?
What is the evidence of the Holy Spirit?
Is He given by the laying on of hands?
What is a blessing and a curse?
How can we operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit?


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