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Hebrews 6:1-3

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Answering Skeptics

Have you heard or think you have seen a contradiction or error in the Bible? Maybe you can’t understand how a “righteous” God could command or do something in the Bible that you find to be so evil?

Well believe it or not there are valid answers and explanations for these things. There are no errors or contradictions in the Bible. There is no unrighteousness with God. If you are willing to look closely at the facts and the possibilities then you will no longer be a skeptic.

Oh, one more thing. If the answers given are not satisfactory to you because “Christians always find a way to make the Bible true” then maybe you should start asking yourself this question: If it is not true then why are we able to show how it could be?

The statement itself is like a kid saying “Why do you always have to find the answer?!” We do because there IS an answer! That’s why!

Contradictions in the Bible

Are there contradictions in the Bible?

Find The Explanations

No one can claim a contradiction exists if there is a reasonable way that two seemingly contradictory statements can actually make sense. How can they make sense though? Simple, they are not actually contradictions. You just have to be willing to examine the subject a little closer.

Is God Evil

Is God Immoral?

Find The Explanations

If God is good then why does He allow evil? Doesn’t the Bible say some nasty things about how God views women, slavery, and even murder? Well, … there are answers to these questions. If you know the answers then you will know why God is not guilty of immorality.

Giving Praise

I met my husband on a phone site July 3 2014. 3 months after we met we got married. He was in work release and had a few months till he got out. When he got out we lived with a lady that had bone cancer and we moved in to help her out. Well, Continue Reading


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