Building Christians Up From The Foundation & Unto Perfection

Hebrews 6:1-3

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The Bible and Faith in God

Romans 10:17

17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

The very first stone that needs to be put in place is the foundation. That foundation is God Himself. But without hearing about God you can not have faith in Him. You can not hear of God without someone to speak of Him.

Luckily, He speaks for Himself! But how? The Bible is known by many as the word of God. It speaks to us of Him. This is to let us know who He is and how to come to Him.

In this unit, we will begin to lay the foundation for the future Bible lessons to come. The first lesson here is very basic and almost common sense. You may be able to breeze through it if you already believe there is a God.

The lessons 1:2 – 1:7 will cover the Bible and help us to understand its importance and its authority. We will also cover the topic of “contradictions” and learn how to test doctrines with the Bible in lessons 1:5, 1:5a, 1:5b, and 1:7. Also, Unit 1:6 will give you a better understanding of the trinity.

At the top of each lesson will be an opportunity to find answers to common objections. So, if you disagree with something check it out.

The Bible and Faith in God – Lessons 1:1 – 1:7

Unit 1:1 – Does God Exist

Unit 1:2 – Who Is God

Unit 1:3 – Is the Bible the Word of God

Unit 1:4 – Can the Bible Be Trusted

Unit 1:4a – What Bible Translation Is Best

Unit 1:4b – Why Was the Bible Written

Unit 1:4c – History of the Bible

Unit 1:4d – Bible Translation Comparison

Unit 1:5 – How to Defend Your Faith

Unit 1:5a – Devices of Satan

Unit 1:5b – How Does Satan Work

Unit 1:6 – What Is the Trinity

Unit 1:7 – How to Understand the Bible

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Giving Praise

When I was five I gave my heart to God. I went to a Christian school. God has gave me so much in my life. I love God so much and Jesus!

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