Building Christians Up From The Foundation & Unto Perfection

Hebrews 6:1-3

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Beliefs Of Christianity 101

I want you to picture a house…but not just any house. Think of a house of cards. It’s weak, shaking, and the slightest breeze can turn it into a game of 52 card pick-up really easily. Now I want you to imagine a slightly different house. This one has stone bricks instead of cards…all except for the middle row. That part still has those other flimsy cards. This is what Christian beliefs are like when we don’t have a solid understanding of the Bible.

House Of Cards

Will either of these houses stand strong against the hurricanes and floods? Obviously not. It isn’t hard to see why the first house would fall. It is just paper cards after all. But even the good strong bricks of the second house will crumble as that middle row gives out.

How many of our beliefs are solid, and how many are cards? Did you know there are more beliefs out there about God and the Bible than you could hope to know about? It is so very hard to find a single person who holds all of the same beliefs you do. There always seems to be something different.

So is it possible that you and I may both have a few cards in our house? What if some of those pretty stones we have are only fake? What if they are only cards with images of solid stone on them? How can we know truth from a lie? And even more important…how can we make sure our house is solid in every area?

Fight For Truth But Be Willing To Yield

I believe that when you know the truth you do not have to act like it could be wrong. Statements like, “This is just what I believe the Bible says.” do not sound like they come from someone with a strong house. Everyone should be fully persuaded that what they believe is true, even if it isn’t.

We need to hold onto truth and speak what we hold to be true. We need to hold onto it so tightly that it becomes a part of who we are. BUT we should not hold onto truth at the expense of truth. In other words, we should be willing to hold onto what we believe UNTIL we find out it isn’t true.

This section of On The Line Ministries is not here to make you doubt what you believe. It is however here to test your beliefs. If this frightens you then I encourage you to examine yourself now to see why. Is it because you are afraid you may be deceived? If so then you most certainly need to test your building because you obviously don’t feel confident in it.

As we go through the foundational doctrines of Christianity we will no doubt hit some nerves. Take some time to examine the things said here though. Don’t just dismiss anything out of hand. My desire is to build you up in the faith, not tear you down.

Ready to test your house?

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Giving Praise

I want to thank God for saving me and making me his own. God is an amazing God.


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