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Hebrews 6:1-3

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Does God Violate His Own Standards

The standard God sets in the Bible is the one He expects from humans. He has not subjected Himself to being ruled by the same laws. What He does is good because He does it, not because it is a standard above Him or beside Him.

Now, this leads some people to question His morality. But again, you have to question it by the standards He has given US to live by. Since this does not apply to Him then there is no standard by which we can rightly judge God. We simply have no authority to do.

Even if we attempt to hold Him to the same standard He holds us to we fail in rightly judging Him. Again, we have no authority AND we do not have the intelligence to properly do so.

For example, if an all knowing person were to kill a person that had never done anything wrong we would most likely judge him as being immoral. What we don’t know that this person does though is that same person was 1 hour away from mass murdering an entire city of people.

So to judge God without knowing what He knows is foolish. Your judgment is inaccurate, unjustified, and simply beyond your jurisdiction. What you consider as God doing wrong is based on your limited view of the universe.

Just as someone looking through a window to see a person shooting a gun then seeing 3 bodies on the floor when they rush in. They immediately think this person is a murderer killing in cold blood. But what they didn’t see was when those 3 people busted into the home, robbed the person, then attempted to kill him but ended up losing the fight.

Or even as a child being told to go to bed at 9pm when his parents stay up later. The child thinks “How dare they not hold themselves to the same standard.” But he is the one the parents are setting the standard for. It doesn’t apply to them. He doesn’t understand why but they do.

This is the error an atheist makes when they object to the morality of God.

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