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Genocide, Is It Right for God to Kill

Genocide and the killings ordered by God, oh my! Is it wrong for people to commit the crime (yes, I said crime) of genocide? OF COURSE IT IS! So, if it’s wrong for people to do that, why does God command Israel to do so? Doesn’t that make God a criminal?

It’s a valid question. On the surface you would think the obvious answer is yes. But, like many things, the truth often goes deeper than the surface. That truth is that it is not a crime for God to do so or to command others to do so. I will explain why.

But first, let me quote something very important from another page on this site:

“Does it matter if God is or is not immoral? If He is not then you need to submit to Him. If He is then you need to submit to Him. Either way, you need to submit.

“But, be sure that God is righteous. How do I know? Because God alone decides what is and wrong. You don’t like that? Maybe you would like to decide? Well, do you own the universe? No? Then get your proud little hands off of what isn’t yours!”

I quote that because the “moral objections” that people bring against God are pointless. It’s a half baked attempt to shift blame and get off the hook. Do you really think GOD is going to feel guilty when YOU try to judge Him? Do you really think you are going to get that chance? Good luck with that!

God is the judge of YOU. It isn’t the other way around.

Many people say that a God like that isn’t worth worshiping. But how much is your own life and soul worth? Is an eternity in Hell worth holding onto your imperfect judgment of a perfect God? Would it even be worth it if your judgment was true? Think about that.

We All Die Anyway

God owns your life

While you are thinking about that question I’m going to explain a couple of things to you. I’m going to show you why even “genocide” isn’t wrong if God is the one doing it. I underlined God so that no one gets the wrong idea that anyone else could do it.

It’s really very simple. In fact, I can sum it all up right now. Every human has a date with death. God owns all of our lives. God is in control of when our day of death comes. After that day comes the judgment.

So, if God is already in charge of when someone dies, does it really matter how many people die and at what time? Each person would die eventually. So, why not set the time of their death to be together?

If it were a simple man, or nation acting alone in their own ways then it would be a crime. That’s because no one has the authority to choose the time of another person’s death. But this is not a normal person. This is God!

So, if God owns our lives, it isn’t wrong for God to choose how and when they end. Our life belongs to Him and He is our judge. Execution of a criminal isn’t murder. No man or woman is exempt from that. Therefore, God is not unrighteous to execute multiple criminals at once. As the Bible says, “All have sinned.”

In fact, the Bible tells us that it isn’t God’s fault at all! MAN brought death into the world by his own sin. So in reality, we have no one to blame but ourselves for death.

What about the Innocent

innocent live again

Sadly, death has passed onto all men. Even those who have not sinned will die because death has entered the world. My sin doesn’t just affect me. It has far reaching effects. The sin of Adam caused every human body after him to become frail and eventually die. Sadly, this includes children.

So here is a good question. If God knows that the child will die one day, why not take them now? Is it because they have their whole life ahead of them? Is it because they are innocent?

Well, guess what. This life isn’t the last one. After death comes the judgment. What happens to the innocent at judgment? They enter into eternity with no sorrow, pain, or suffering EVER! So what is the problem with taking them home early? Especially if their life and day of death belongs to you.

But what if they grow up and sin against God and end up in hell? Would it have been better for them then? The Bible says this:

Isaiah 57:1-2

The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. 2 He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.

It is not immoral for the eternal God and judge of the whole earth to take the mortal life of a child to spare him from the evil to come and to speed up his entrance into paradise.

God Used People to Carry out Judgment

Yes, God does have the ability to cast fire and brimstone down on entire cities. So why would He have people do His “dirty work” for Him? He commanded Israel to wipe entire nations of people out. He commanded other nations to do the same. Why?


Well, first let me get past what should be obvious. When the judge condemns someone to death, do they pull the trigger themselves? No, normally they have DESIGNATED people to do that. I say designated to distinguish once again that vigilantly style “justice” is WRONG.

God designated Israel to carry out His orders. They were simply the tool being used for the job. It was on the order of God and under HIS command. So God didn’t say, “Go murder these people.” God said, “Go carry out the sentence I have laid upon these people.”

There is a big difference between a murderer and an executioner.

That is why religious killings are foolish. God hasn’t ordered anyone to go and blow up an abortion clinic. If they do so then they are a murderer, not a religious hero! And don’t just accept their word for it if they lie and say “God told me to.” Because God hasn’t put them in a government role to do so. The commands in the Bible that call for judgment were never given for the general public to carry out.

The Point

So, the whole point I am making is that God owns your life and your date with death. Like it, or not. So if He says it’s your time then it is your time, and since He has that authority as your judge He is not in the wrong.

Most people wouldn’t condemn a mortal judge for sending criminals to jail, or even execution. Why condemn an eternal and perfect God for sending people to their execution?

It all comes back to that one issue. Who is, and who is not God? The answer is that you and I are not, and we don’t get to act as though we are or are better than God.

“Oh, but it’s mean!” Some may think. Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this. But, there are a lot of criminals who blame the judge and call them mean for sending them to jail. Even though THEY did the crime. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

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