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Hebrews 6:1-3

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What Ruler Are You Using

Article written by guest author – Tina Evans

Author bio – Tina Evans is the loving wife of Pastor Jason Evans. Her focus in ministry is towards women and those in need.


As a christian woman, in “modern society,” there are some unrealistic demands from others, and even ourselves. All while, denying God’s say on the matter … or even worse, putting “God saith” in front of, fill in the blank! Why, on God’s glorious green Earth, do we feel the need to look elsewhere, or to our own imagination for truth?

Do we not preach, teach, and sing about God and the Bible being greater in all matters? Maybe we do need to “preach to the choir” (ourselves) on even simplest of matters?!

What is success anyway? In order to achieve “success” we must first define it, and agree by what standards it should be measured by. Every person has a ruler that she gauges her achievements in any given area. Sometimes she may even borrow a ruler that has, incidentally, been borrowed from another. This could work, if the original ruler was owned and authenticated by God himself.

Sadly, most rulers are cheap imitations that hold high consequences if used! You might say that your ruler is not an imitation, yet how do you know for sure? Even upright and “good” women have been deceived! We must take our rulers, and take them to the one who has the ultimate say on any matter, … God Almighty!

Fasting, prayer, and reading God’s word is the ultimate answer to our question! Now, these three things are not just to be done in times of “crisis,” or when we just can’t find the answer ourselves. I cringe when I hear the phrase, “when all else fails look to the instructions” referring to the Bible! How is it that God has become a “phone a friend” and a “last resort option?”

Where has our answers been coming from before? Could it be that we are looking to our own imitation as rulers of life? So much so, to say that we’ve created standards, or placed others, in lieu of God’s word and provisions? Ouch! The truth hurts, most of the time. Yet, God tells us that the “truth will make you free” (John 8:32b).

Let’s bring this back around to the beginning. We have seen and heard that so many expectations are placed on us from all around. That in itself is enough stress to kill a hippo! But, let’s save that hippo and stop taking on unintended expectations.

Do you know that God loves you, and has always loved you? A well known verse should ring a bell right now, “For God so loved the WORLD … ” (John 3:16), He loved us, ALL of us!

I tend to think in songs, most of the time, and there are lyrics that say, “you’ve got me on the good days, and bad days, the happy, and the sad days. You’ve got me every day … ” Well, with those lyrics we can really relate with our Lord, because He loves us the same way, and then some!

So if any of you are trying to over achieve in order to “prove” anything, … STOP! Right now, … STOP! Nothing you can do could ever earn, prove, or buy God’s love! Praise Jesus for that!

Now, how does your ruler look? Has your ruler started to change, and be less of a burden? It should, if it was borrowed or created by anyone other than God!

Now, how about other marks you’ve been gauging your life by? I don’t know what wild expectations you’ve been judging yourself, family, friends, or even church by. Yet, I know where you can look to evaluate, and get the correct answers to every area.

Yes, here are “Sunday School answers,” … God, Jesus, prayer and the Bible is where you can look! Hey, if we actually stopped making fun of our “Sunday School answers” we might just be living how God intended!

We as women, myself included, have the opportunity to pass along the right ruler. We’ve been given the great honor of being able to be caregivers. Part of our care-giving role is making sure that we teach and mentor younger women in how to find the correct ruler for life! Also, to be a silent encourager to society, by living a life that’s pleasing to God, by following His standards, and not our own! So let us be “imitation ruler free” as we color the world as the unique daisies in the garden of God!

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