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Hebrews 6:1-3

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7 Trumpets Of Revelation

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We left of on page one with the opening of the seventh seal. We are about to see what happens at the end of the tribulation. While many have said it ends with Jesus coming to rule that very moment I have another view and I believe scripture is clear on it.

Since this is an overview I would just like to say there is a lot of detail that will not be talked about here. You may find more information in some of the other studies on this site though.

The Book Of Revelation: The 8th Chapter – 1st Trumpet

After the first angel sounds the trumpet the earth and those on it will see something strange. Hail mixed with fire and blood will fall. As men hide themselves in caves one third of the earths trees and fields will be burned.

The Book Of Revelation: The 8th Chapter – 2nd Trumpet

Again the 2nd trumpet destroys one third of the sea including the life of creatures and ships in the third of it. The third of the sea becomes bloody. This all happens after a mountain falls into the sea. This is most likely a volcano since it was said to be on fire.

The Book Of Revelation: The 8th Chapter – 3rd Trumpet

The third angel sounded and a star fell to earth. This is no doubt a meteor since it was bright like a lamp as it fell. It impacts a third of the earth’s rivers and fresh water supply turning them poison. I would not expect it to be named wormwood until after this happens because it was called that after turning the water bitter and killing many with the poisoned water.

The Book Of Revelation: The 8th Chapter – 4th Trumpet

This trumpet is when the days are shortened. The light from the sun, moon, and stars will not shine for a third part of the day (a 24 hour period). So there will be total darkness for 8 hours out of 24.

So far these events have affected a third of everything. It is not known how long of a time between each trumpet there will be. After this one though an angel is heard proclaiming sorrow to people on earth because of what is coming next.

The Book Of Revelation: The 9th Chapter – 5th Trumpet

The fall of Satan from heaven is often in question as to when it happens. Here we see a star fall from heaven. This star is then called by the name Abaddon and he is given keys to open the pit. There is not a question that this star is Satan himself. Angels are called stars in many places in the Bible.

Lets not forget that as of right now Satan is the one who accuses the Christians before God. It was he that did so to Job, and he continues to do so until this point, when he is given the keys to the pit (which Jesus holds), and is banished to earth.

It is only fitting then that he would be given the ability to open the pit and let his army of demons (the scorpion like things) out. It is also said that they have a king who is the angel in charge of the pit at the time. Since the one in charge would have the keys there can be no doubt that this angel called Abaddon is Satan. He rules the fallen angels as their king.

They torment those without the protection of God for months…but can not kill them even though men beg for it.

The Book Of Revelation: The 9th Chapter – 6th Trumpet

There are four angels bound and only to be let loose after the 6th trumpet sounds. They are heads of angelic armies…much like those already seen that had been loosed from the pit. These fallen angels with their armies kill a third of the earths now dwindled population with fire and brimstone.

The first 6 trumpets have sounded now and the final one is on the way. Even now men will not repent.

The Book Of Revelation: The 10th-11th Chapter – Just Before The 7th Trumpet

Much has already happened. The final trumpet is about to sound. But before it does something happens. An angel stands on the earth and sea and cries out with a roar (remember Jesus would come with the cry of the angel and the sound of the last trumpet). Suddenly 7 thunders speak but we are not told what they say. We can know that these thunders must be from the seven spirits of God who is the Holy Ghost.

The angel swears that there will no longer be time given to men. Until now the mercy of God has only allowed a third to be destroyed at a time. The full fury of God is soon to come.

John is told in the last couple of verses to prophesy again. In other words he is told to repeat what has already been said. What is he going to say again? He is going to recap the events thus far. This time with more detail.

So John is told to measure the temple and to leave out some of it for the gentiles. He is then told about the first three and a half years of the tribulation and the final half as well. God tells him about how the two prophets will torment people during the tribulation and how they will be killed but raised again from the dead.

This was just a recap. After this the events begin again where they had left off…the seventh angel will now blow the last trumpet.

The Book Of Revelation: The 11th Chapter – The 7th Trumpet

The seventh angel sounds and the doors of the throne room of God are flung open. The declaration is made that now is the time for the dead to rise and be rewarded because Jesus now has taken over the kingdoms of the world and His wrath will no longer be stopped.

At the sound of this trumpet Jesus returns to earth in the clouds. The dead in Christ are with Him and they finally get their new bodies. At that time we who are alive and remain (protected by the power of God) are gathered with them in the air and changed. This is worth comforting the brethren about…knowing that this is our end…to rule with Him.

The Book Of Revelation: The Overview Of The Last Days Is Done

Once the seventh angel sounds the trumpet Jesus returns and the last day has come. There are still a lot of chapters though. They are chapters that are full of details that explain what was already said in the overview more clearly. These details also include the wrath of God poured out as Jesus takes charge. These are the bowl judgements. They also tell us about some events that happen after the first 1,000 year rule of Jesus and what eternity will be like.

One thing you may have noticed is that creation has not been destroyed by fire. The Bible says it will. Read the following chapters to see that after the 1,000 years Satan will be free from his chains and gather the wicked to do battle with God and His saints. Here we will see the last event take place.

God the Father will show Himself in ALL of His glory. Our God is a consuming fire. He will destroy everything not of Him with fire…Himself. We who are of Him will remain in the Father forever.

So I encourage you to read on and see the details of how it all will work.

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