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Hebrews 6:1-3

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August 2015

We want to thank all of our partners in ministry who are making it possible to provide solid Biblical teaching to the whole world! Your donations are not only reaching people in your own city, but also around the world! You are a valued member of the body of Christ and we are grateful for your support.


Your gift is NOT tax deductible. We do not believe in offering to God what costs us nothing. If you choose to give please let it be from a heart of willingness and joy for the sake of your love for God and His people. Thank you again!

What Your Donations Are Doing: Update From August 2015


As of right now we have purchased some much needed equipment that will help us to produce higher quality video. This new equipment along with the loan of a digital camera will make it possible for us to create more engaging videos that we hope will help people on websites such as youtube to come to deeper levels of faith…perhaps even coming to faith altogether!

Giving Praise

I met my husband on a phone site July 3 2014. 3 months after we met we got married. He was in work release and had a few months till he got out. When he got out we lived with a lady that had bone cancer and we moved in to help her out. Well, Continue Reading


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